Zoheh Movahed

I have over 47 pages of my conversations with Violet and it was a challenge for me to shorten it.  After much deliberation, I decided to pick 3 to share with all:  Violet as my role model, Violet, a fun- funny friend and Violet- loved by all who knew her.

1-     Violet… A Leader… A Role Model

 From: Violet- September 20, 2012
To: Helen; Shahla T; Zohreh; Mahvash; Shahla Z
Subject: merci bacheha
Violet Wrote:  I really enjoyed my time with you guys last night… Thanks so much!

Zohreh wrote:
Violet Jon:
You know how a group of people feel after climbing a mountain together?  They feel proud, refreshed, and their bond has become stronger as a result.  At this moment, I feel like you opened a path for all of us to be able to climb one of the more challenging mountains of life.  I personally feel a lot stronger and more proud than ever because of you.

Thank you! Love, Zohreh

Shahla T wrote:   wow- Zohreh jaan, You said it all-

Violet wrote:   One big lesson I learned through this phase of my life was the effect of mind on body. The love and care of you, my dear friends, were the most effective and the healthiest nutrition ever to my mind, and I owe my health to YOU all.

Thank You, Thank You,
ViVi Joon

Shahla Z wrote:
Dear friends,
It was late March 2012, at a night, at a restaurant around a dinner table, while my brain was frozen, Violet said her health issue should be a learning lesson. Now it is late September 2012, just after six months, what she told at that night has come true. She was absolutely right. Yes- it was a BIG LEARNING LESSON. Just read Zohre’s e-mail one more time.

Zohreh joon: You summarized the BIG LEARNING LESSON very nicely, you made a meaningful example for us. Yes it was climbing a mountain together and Violet was our smart, thoughtful, and strong leader. However, I know violet for about half of a decade (45 years) and always I have been proud of her, today, like you, I am more proud than ever because of her.

Love you all, Shahla

Later on, Violet wrote:   

No matter what, one thing will never be forgotten: the intense emotional support I got from you all, which I deeply believe had a tremendous effect in my healing process. I am very thankful for that! Violet

Zohreh wrote:  

No matter what, one thing will never be forgotten:  You are an exceptional person that has an amazing ability to work through a challenge, while simultaneously acting as a source of inspiration to all of us.   We have all grown stronger as a result.  Love, Zohreh

2-     Violet… Fun- Funny Friend

From:  Zohreh February 4, 2010
To: Violet
Subject: Thomas Wootton HS Talent Show

Zohreh wrote:   Is Sherwin in this show? (Attached Announcement about the show)

Violet wrote:   No, he is not. Are you going?

Zohreh wrote:   I thought I would go if Sherwin was there.  Behnam is out of town and Sara and Neda are busy with their own stuff.  I would consider going if someone whose name starts with “V” and ends with a “t” comes along J  Just kidding!

Violet wrote:   I wish I could (that would have been a perfect plan and setting). I have couple of things to do tonight and, sadly enough, have to pass…

Zohreh wrote:   I was actually thinking of “Valdemort” from Harry Potter J  Anyway, enough fun for one morning.

Violet wrote:   And you noticed that I was actually careless enough to catch your very smart observation of “V…t” to match both Valdemort and Violet! With my assumption, I thought the ‘J’ part was the puzzle for me to solve.

I did make you a fun morning!!! Didn’t I?
Later on, for many e-mails, Violet would sign V….t for me J

3-     Violet… Loved Dearly By All Who Knew Her

Zohreh:   September 20, 2012
To: Violet
Subject: Question for you

Zohreh wrote:   Dear Violet Jon:
It was nice hearing back from you last night.  I am excited to get the violet yarn after work today and start knitting you a scarf.  It may sound a little crazy, but last night, I actually lost a few hours of sleep worrying about getting the wrong color!  I know our brains work in strange ways, so I am guessing that color of the yarn was not the issue, but that I was actually trying to focus on doing something positive to support you.   I am sure you know that we all love you very much, and we will be delighted to do whatever you need us/me to do.  In the meantime, please look at the attached link and tell me which shade you prefer.

I was thinking of making your scarf to be 6” wide, but I can make it any size that you prefer.

Love, Zohreh

Violet wrote:   Hey Zohreh joon, as you say, it is nice to have plenty of choices in life… But for this case, it is just making it harder!

I liked the very first on top left:

and the size you picked is very good. In case if that color was not available, please pick anything you like. I’m sure I’ll love it.  I am so blessed of having people like you in my life, Violet

Zohreh wrote to Violet and Homan:   Nice choice.  My strategy will be to use every knot as a positive force to come to you and strengthen both of you in your journey in the upcoming phase of your life.   Love, Zohreh

Later on Violet wrote:   Hi Zohreh joon,
You had been in my thoughts a lot, specially when wearing my beautiful scarf, which I feel is alive and talks to me!
Wishing you all a very healthy and happy new year!
Let’s have a tea/coffee time together sometimes next week if you are in mood for it.
boos boos,

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  1. با دیدن این عکس، هنوز‌م از ترس تنم می‌لرزه . . . “بچه شیطون، با این کمره عمل کرده، می‌‌افتی تو آب، بعد من نیستم بیارمت بیرون” . . .

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